Make your own mini wetlands

Grimsargh Wetlands is an oasis for nature, rich in wildlife, from birds and mammals, to plants and insects.

The reason that wetland areas attract so much wildlife is that they offer the perfect habitat for lots of different plants and animals.

In recent years, many ponds have disappeared, particularly from our gardens.

The good news is that ponds don't need to be big to attract wildlife, a simple container pond can make a huge difference.

Insects like pond skaters live on top of the water and make the perfect snack for passing birds, frogs or newts.

Beneath the water, mayfly larvae and water snails hide in amongst the rocks and plants.

Ponds also make the perfect place for birds, bees and even hedgehogs to visit for a drink or a wash.

Why not give nature a home in your back garden, by building your very own mini wetlands?

Just follow these straightforward instructions and open the door to nature and lots of adventures.

What you'll need

• Watertight container
• Gravel
• Old bricks, rocks and pebbles
• Spade
• Pond plants.

What to do
1. Choose where you want your pond-somewhere with good light, but not full sun is ideal.
2. Dig a hole for your water container and put the container in it.
3. Put some gravel and rocks in the bottom, building them up on one side to create a slope for animals to climb in and out of the water.
4. Fill your container with rainwater.
5. Plant some plants in bottom, like hornwort. Ask an adult for some help buying these, but try not to introduce plants from other ponds as it can spread disease.
6. Wait for the wildlife to come!

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