Ox-Eye Daisy
Leucanthemum vulgare


The oxeye is the largest member of the daisy family. It is also known as the moon daisy or moon penny, as its yellow centre remains visible in the dark.

Just like the daisy you may find in your garden, this species can grow up to 60cm in height. Imagine the length of the daisy chains you could make!

Daisies were traditionally linked with divination in France. This is where the game “he loves me, he loves me not” arose. In the game, you remove a petal of the daisy one at a time, to determine how lucky you will be in love.

Ox-Eye Daisy facts and statistics

• Up to 60cm
• The largest member of the Daisy family
• Also known as the Moon Daisy

How to identify

Numerous white petals with a bright yellow centre. Flowers are 3-5cm wide, approximately


• Woodland
• Meadows
• Grassland

Ox-Eye Daisy sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Ox-Eye Daisy Gallery

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