Centaurea cyanus



Cornflowers were historically thought to be a weed found in corn fields. For that reason, they were nearly totally wiped out in the UK due to intensive farming practices.

Today, they are usually found in gardens or as part of intentional seeding in wildflower meadows.

You will see the cornflower in the wildflower meadow near the viewing screens opposite Oban Court.

Cornflower facts and statistics

• Up to 80cm
• Previously thought to be a weed

How to identify

A delicate shade of blue, the head of the cornflower is small and comprises of numerous smaller flowers.

The outer florets spread out like a star and are slightly lighter in colour.

Tall green stem and pointy leaves.

Conservation status

Priority Species under the Post 2010 Biodiversity Framework.


• Woodland
• Meadows
• Gardens

Cornflower sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Cornflower Gallery

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