Mustela erminea


Stoats look incredibly cute but don’t let their appearance deceive you. Although completely harmless to humans, they are a fierce, fearless and determined predator.

They catch and eat animals up to five times their size. How do they do this? They have a distinct frenzied dance that distracts their target making it easier to pounce.

Stoats are good at self-preservation too. They have a black tip on their tail which distracts birds of prey, who focus on their tail rather than their body!

Stoat facts and statistics

• 24cm to 32cm in length
• Eat: rabbits, rodents and birds
• Can climb trees or burrow underground to get prey

How to identify

The stoat has a chestnut brown back with a white underbody. Its tail has a black tip on the end.

It can often be mistaken for the weasel but is generally larger with a black tip, whereas weasels have brown.

Conservation status

Green - common.


They can be found in many places including:
• Wetlands
• Grasslands
• Forest / Woodlands
• Uplands
• Heathland

Stoat sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Stoat Gallery

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