Oryctolagus cuniculus


We all recognise rabbits. They are very cute and have a curious nature. You are most likely to see them in the surrounding fields, rather than on the wetlands themselves.
This curiosity may be mistaken for a safety precaution because standing regularly on their hind legs and looking around, means that they can check for predators.
Did you know that when they see danger, they will thump their hind legs to warn other rabbits.
Rabbits live in underground holes called warrens. The female (called a Doe) has up to 6 litters a year: each litter containing 3-7 babies. That is a lot of baby rabbits hopping around!

Rabbit facts and statistics

• 40cm length
• Can jump up to 1m high and 3m long
• Introduced by the Normans from Spain

How to identify

Rabbits are brown / grey / black or even sandy in colour. They have long ears and long hind legs. We would all recognise the beautiful white fluffy tail too!
Rabbits are smaller than their counterparts, the hare.

Conservation status



They can be found in many places including:
• Grassland
• Gardens
• Wetlands
• Woodland
• Farmland

Rabbit sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Rabbit Gallery

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