Bufo bufo


You are most likely to see the common toad around The Fen area of the wetlands in spring when they breed.
Toads usually spend the rest of the year living in damp areas in woodland, hedgerows or gardens.
It can be hard to distinguish frogs and toads at a distance. However, the toad tends to move in a walking motion, rather than hopping!
Cities and towns often pose a threat to toads as they block their migration from woodlands to ponds at breeding time.

Toad facts and statistics

• Live up to 10-12 years
• Up to 13cm long
• Females are larger than males
• Live away from water except when breeding

How to identify

Toads are 'uglier' than frogs, with broad warty skin. They have copper eyes and short back legs.
Their body can be a range of colours from dark brown, to grey, olive or even sandy.

Conservation status

Toads are a protected species in the UK.


Toads have two different habitats over the course of the year. When breeding they can be found around lakes and ponds.
The rest of the year you may see them in:
• Woodland areas
• Farm fields
• Parks
• Scrub land
• Hibernating in leaf piles or logs

Ways to help

You can encourage toads into your garden by bringing together piles of leaves or logs, where they can make a safe nest!

Toad sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Toad Gallery

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