Scorpion Fly
Panorpa communis


The scorpion fly is a strange looking insect and can be found in the hedgerows and along the path around the wetlands. It gets its name from the males' curved tail which looks like a scorpion sting. It is, in fact, used in mating and is totally harmless.
A scavenger, it uses a long black 'beak' to identify and capture food.
It feeds on dead insects; a gift the male often takes to his female when mating - the scorpion fly equivalent of flowers and chocolates!

Scorpion Fly facts and statistics

• Length 3cm
• Often mistaken for mosquitos
• Found in gardens and hedgerows

How to identify

The fly has a black and yellow body, with a red head and long 'beak'. It has dark patches on the wings. The male has the distinctive 'scorpion stinger'-like tail.

Conservation status



• Open grassland
• Farmland
• Hedgerows
• Nettles
• Brambles

Scorpion Fly sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Scorpion Fly Gallery

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