Omocestus viridulus


The common green grasshopper can typically be found in damp areas, where they feed on coarse grasses; which is why Grimsargh Wetlands is the perfect habitat for them.
They are most common between April and September.
Males rub their legs against their wings (stridulation) to create a “song” to attract a mate. Females then lay eggs which won't hatch until the following spring.

Grasshopper facts and statistics

• 1.4cm to 2.3cm long
• Song can last up to 20 seconds
• Feed off coarse woodland grasses

How to identify

These grasshoppers are predominantly green, although males may have a brown/ khaki colour.
The easiest way to distinguish between grasshoppers is through their song. This grasshopper's song can last up to 20 seconds and makes a “chirrup” sound.

Conservation status



The grasshopper's preferred habitats are:
• Damp meadows
• Hillsides
• Woodland rises
• Any area with long grass

Grasshopper sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Grasshopper Gallery

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