The goosander is a diving duck and a member of the ‘sawbill’ family because of its long, narrow bill with saw-like teeth for catching and gripping fish.
It is a beautifully streamlined bird, which can be seen on lakes and reservoirs and are occasionally seen here at Grimsargh Wetlands during the winter.
Here in the north west, we are lucky enough to live in a part of the UK where goosanders choose to breed. They often make their nests in riverbank trees.

Goosander facts and statistics

• Length: 57-69cm
• Wingspan: 90cm
• Weight: 1.3-1.7kg
• Diet: fish

How to identify

Males are white with dark green heads, black backs and long, red, saw-like bills. Females are grey with red-brown heads and white throats.

Conservation status

The goosander is classified as Green in the UK as a species of least concern.


• Rivers (for breeding)
• Lakes
• Reservoirs
• Wetlands

Goosander sightings at Grimsargh Wetlands

Goosander Gallery

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